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NAVE Growth graduated scaleups have the possibility of becoming Alestra's commercial partner and together offer disruptive services to the market.

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Its geospatial intelligence platform allows companies to measure market potential, drive strategic decisions, and predict outcomes such as revenue, number of customers, or product / tenant mix.

Use cases:

  • Generation of sales predictions and identification of sales potential to consolidate the market
  • Identify high saturations of the target market in the territory to optimize points of sale and resources.
  • Comparative flow rate (before and after COVID-19) based on dynamic pedestrian and vehicular mobility databases.

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Toc offers identity verification and electronic signature services, using solutions based on facial biometrics.

Use cases:

  • Remote enrollment processes.
  • Contract signing and consent administration.
  • Identity verification with social media profiles.

Identity platform that replaces keys, credit cards, RFID controls and tickets with palm hand scanning.

Use cases:

  • Access control to corporate and residential buildings.
  • Real-time data analysis.

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Commercial communication tool that integrates all the company's contact channels in the same management platform via WhatsApp.

Use cases:

  • Commercial management (first contact, follow-up, closing) of sales teams.
  • Customer service through WhatsApp Enterprise.
  • Monitoring of administrative processes.

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Lefort bots enable automatic data exchange with companies' business networks.

Use cases:

  • CURP National Identity Verification (MX): Verifies the structure and validity of the CURP in RENAPO.
  • Fiscal Blacklist Verification (SAT MX): Identify if your business network is in compliance with the authority in Art. 69 and 69B.
  • Business Address Validation (MX): Verifies the validity and extracts the information from CFE and TELMEX vouchers.
  • Bank Account Validation (SWIFT): Confirms that the SWIFT account structure is correct.
  • Selfregister, Approval Flows & Custom Fields: Customize your Bot with customizable fields, approval and registration flows.

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Recruitment automation solution that uses chatbots and artificial intelligence to attract and retain talent.

Use cases:

  • Save expense and recruitment time.
  • Decrease staff turnover.
  • Increase productivity by recruiting the right profile.

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With a proprietary IoT platform and devices, Nuve offers anti-theft solutions for fuel and cargo (in all types of containers) for companies in the transport, logistics and infrastructure sectors.

Use cases:

  • Protection of goods and supplies of companies that transport cargo.
  • Anti-theft fuel system.
  • Fleet management.

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    Are you interested in any of these products?

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